How to Wear: Midi Skirt

While summer is slowly approaching, and spring is finally coming around this week, a transitional outfit is definitely suitable at this time. Are you not quite ready to show all leg? Is this 50 degree weather not permitting a mini skirt? Well then, one of the season’s hottest trend, The Midi Skirt is available everywhere. The midi comes in various styles – pencil, pleated, and ballerina. To be more specific let me say the “tube midi skirt”. A fitted comfortable stretch skirt comes a little high on the waist and a little lower on the knee. For all you 5 footers, the length of the midi gives the illusion of a taller, slimmer body. This has to be the most flattering trend of all time! But wait, it gets even better! When I say transitional I don’t only mean from season to season, but also from day to-night. I’ve given you all the advantages now let me get down to styling. For the everyday look the midi can perfect your class or internship attire. Make it casual by pairing with a comfortable T – shirt, or a button down and some flats for a chic look. Have an important presentation or interview? Throw a blazer on top. A little chilly this morning? An oversized sweater will do. Now let’s just pretend today is Friday; classes have ended, and you seriously have nothing to wear on the night you been anticipating all week (What a tragedy). Don’t let that hold you in! You still have that midi you wore to class. Pair it with your favorite crop top or corset and switch out the flats for some pumps. Want to show a little skin but still be approximate? Throw a cropped jacket on top. Happy Friday now!






Deluxe Publicity


Today’s guest speaker is the creator of Deluxe Publicity, a boutique PR firm in Philadelphia. Deja discussed her road to entrepreneurship, which included a degree in TV communications and broadcasting. After interning with a TV network, she realized that this wasn’t the field for her. Too far into her undergraduate program, Deja decided to shape her own future and mold her TV communications degree to meet her interests in PR. She continued her education at La Salle University where she earned her MBA. As a PR company, Deja explained that it is crucial to have a niche in this industry to help differentiate yourself from the many competitors. She offered some advice on how to be a successful: work on your oral and written communication skills, be selective where you intern, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Networking is key; take advantage of this social media wave and reach out to people! The possibilities are endless.

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ImageI would like to start off admitting that Zana Bayne is not a brand you would see the typical college student wearing around campus. Though I think these clothing lines are beautiful, intricate works of art, I would not categorize them as a prêt-à-porter line. Bayne specializes in handcrafted leathers, harness collections, to be exact. I would say her lines seem inspired by the leather bondages, dominatrix scene. So, proceed with caution when googling this brilliant designer, you may see a little more than you bargained for.

Now that I have presented the parental guidance sticker on this designer, let me continue and tell you about how unique and inspiring she is. Bayne has a BFA in Conceptual Art from the San Francisco Art Institute and now lives in New York City where she just had a show in New York Fashion Week, displaying her Fall/Winter 2014 collection. When I first set eyes on this collection I felt very conflicting emotions, but that worked together, like yin and yang. These pieces show strong leather bondages and belts that made me feel, frankly, a little threatened, but also mixed with intrigue. Bayne also combines these forceful materials with fragile ones, such as chiffon, and mesh. Making it an outfit of danger and desire all in one!


Bayne spent time living in Berlin, and this can be seen as an obvious inspiration in her designs. Berlin has a well-known… well, lets just call it a sensual scene that includes a swirl of open sexualities, fetishes, and, of course, lots of leather. There is even a Berlin Leather Week in the month of April! (That I would also suggest googling with caution.) With leather comes a badass demeanor. From Marlon Brando’s The Wild One to the recent rendition of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, leather plays a big part in describing a character. Bayne is able to do this with her designs by pouring her self-expression into her leather designs.

As for you and I, the fashion adorers of Temple, it may be a little difficult to stunt this style on our way to an 8 a.m. literature class, but it wouldn’t hurt to try! If I were to own one of these daring designs I would not be able to resist wearing it!


Just for a quick example, to indulge myself, take this breathtaking ensemble above from Bayne’s 2014 Spring/Summer line. It would most likely get me kicked off campus quite fast. However, if I were to stunt a simple, high-waist, pencil skirt underneath the leather harness skirt and pair it with a cropped blazer or a simple cardigan I am pretty sure I would be in the clear to take my finals. In fact, I would most likely be the most fashionable person for miles, so much so that I would instantly pass all my finals because of all the confidence that is beaming off of me! (Ok, maybe that last sentence is a bit of an exaggeration, but I would definitely be the most fashionable person around for miles.)


Bayne’s designs can be found at such high-fashion ends as Comme Des Garcons and Opening Ceremony. For an entire list of where you can find Bayne’s lovely designs check out THIS list or click HERE for her online shop.



Look For Less: NYFW Street Styles

Hello darlings! New York Fashion Week has started, and you know what that means: street style sensations! If, like me, you are a fashion fiend, then your last few days of Google searches have been the bustling streets of the Big Apple. The street styles of fashion week have been getting bolder and bolder every year, and nothing has made the world of fashion happier. It is not so easy to capture these styles found happening around this renowned fashion week. Plus, the trending materials this year have been leathers and furs, which are some of the most expensive. However, aren’t you lucky, because this post is going to show you how you can get these adventurous styles for less.


These fabulous leather stunners were found by Vogue. These ladies are looking hardcore and happy in their leather jackets, pants, or skirt. Leather has always been associated with tough crowds such as the punks or motorcycle gangs. Now it is worn by the happiest of go-getters of the world such as these NYFW street style gurus. I know what you are thinking; those outfits look expensive.


Well, check these leather babies out. These chic pieces were found online at H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Forever21 and the prices only range from $10 to $50. I know $50 for a college student sounds more like 10 quesadillas from Wawa, but $50 for a fashion statement leather jacket is quite the find!


Furs are another statement piece being added to every serious street style find. They are not only completely appropriate for this kind of weather, but they look fabulous. Also found by Vogue, these ladies show they know how to handle any weather in the most stylish of ways. I know this part of fashion has been very touchy, and maybe some of these NYFW street style beauts are wearing real furs, but I am going to tell it straight: faux furs coast less and still give an outfit that classy look it has since the 1920s.


Society has shown that owning a fur coat shows real class. Maybe the man has molded my still maturing mind, but I have to agree with society. Fur is a perfect way to stay warm during these “snowpocalypses” us east coasters have been experiencing, and still look like the future CEO of a big time company. You can also add a little color to your furs, like an ultra soft purple fur coat! (Just make sure you do not pair it with something that makes you look like Barney the dinosaur.) These furs were found from Nasty Gal and Forever21.

NYFW brings all kinds of fashionable characters out to the streets of New York even during the coldest of days. Do not let cost stop you from expressing yourself through your style. Keep a creative mind when digging for old furs and leathers. Who knows, maybe in the back of your grandma’s closet there is a gorgeous black leather jacket with a white fur trim and lining just yearning to be worn by you on the streets.



“From Frumpy to Fab: Floral and Tube Skirts”

With spring semester in full swing, floral, metallic, and bold color are in order. While the weather hasn’t quite warmed up to sundress weather, that does not mean we cannot brighten it up via wardrobe.
Rickeisha, the featured makeover model stuck to the basics in her Temple sweats, long-sleeved tee, and construction boots in her before shot. To spruce up her spring look I styled her in a floral blouse with antique flair, with a pale gold tube skirt and glitter pumps. Floral is always a go to for the spring season, it screams fresh and feminine. A floral printed blouse transitions well in a variety of situations. Paired with the gold tube skirt, it is fit for any dressier occasion like dinner or a function. Switch the gold skirt with colored skinnies or a circle skirt for a casual spring look perfect for strolling around campus!
Tube skirts are a hot trend that has become a constant go-to for style icon Kim K., accentuating her curves while adding sleek dimension. A metallic version gives the look extra “oomph” that makes an ensemble stand out. Tube skirts can be worked for a daytime soiree with an oversized chunky knit sweater, tights, and booties.

Soft curls versus a side pony and a deep berry lip instantly sophisticate the makeover and add that last finishing touch of fab. Incorporating both the floral and tube skirt trend into your spring gear will take you to the top this season!

Yours Trendy,

Nikki Svec

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Somsack Sikhounmuong


If this designer’s name doesn’t ring a bell for you, the brand for which he most recently designs is sure to. There is no question that every fashion lover has heard of the brand Madewell and has likely drooled over their casual-meets-chic clothing. A division of one of the fashion greats, J.Crew, since its beginning in 2006, Madewell has more recently been having its very own moment in the spotlight.


As a former 12-year designer for J.Crew itself, Somsack Sikhounmuong made the transition to begin as head designer for Madewell for this Spring 2014 season. His hope is to bring Madewell back to its roots, reuniting the brand with classic pieces and with a look suitable for the effortless woman. Full of denim staples, simple leather, perfect patterned accessories, and essential T-Shirts-there is something waiting to be added to every girl’s wardrobe. View the official Spring 2014 lookbook here and spot your favorite looks before heading to the new Madewell in Center City (conveniently on Walnut Street!) to try on Sikhounmuong’s perfect designs.


My favorite look from the lookbook (#15) incorporates leather, adorably clashing prints, and classic white sneakers. A true recipe for a laid-back, cool look.


I am excited to see what is in store for this creative and talented designer, and his (hopefully) many future projects with Madewell!

Stay Fab,

Elena Hart

Angela Edmunds


Showroom 77’s Angela Edmunds kicked off our Spring 2014 speaker sessions with an inspiring recap of her journey from a Temple journalism student to founder of Philadelphia’s very first showroom. Angela explained that her days at Temple consisted of her majoring in journalism, while designing clothes as a hobby. Because of her love of fashion, Edmunds made a conscious effort to incorporate fashion into all of her journalism projects. Edmunds continued designing clothes after graduating, but in 2006 decided to position herself in the business aspect of the fashion industry. This transition included the creation of Showroom 77, a “wholesale/retail showroom”, a completely novice concept here in the city of brotherly love. The idea of a wholesale/retail showroom offers designers the option to sell their clothes strictly wholesale or display samples in the store for retail. Edmunds also does consulting and styling work; polishing look books and creating the ultimate vision for designers’ lines. Edmunds exemplifies the mindset us fashion-obsessed students should adopt: take advantage of the knowledge and opportunities offered by Temple’s different classes and majors, but never be afraid to let your passion for fashion shine through in your assignments. 



The Look For Less: Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence’s style just keeps getting better. The Hunger Games star is taking over cinema screens and making her name known in the fashion world. Jennifer has hands down stolen the #1 spot on my best dressed list this year, and I am excited to see how her style evolves in 2014. In the picture above, J-Law’s modern look is perfect to be worn for a night out or to a holiday party. Luckily, Jennifer’s look can easily be created on a budget!



This white knit sweater, similar to Jennifer’s, can be found at Forever 21 on sale for only $9.99. This basic sweater is great because it can be worn dressed up (like how Jennifer wears it) or worn dressed down with jeans or corduroys.


Next in completing J-Law’s look, you’ll need a pair of mid-rise or high-rise black slouchy pants. The pair shown above can be found at for $59.20. A cool feature to these pants is that there’s an inseam zipper that runs all the way down each pant leg which may be zipped up or unzipped to create slits. Although these pants are slightly pricey for a babe on a budget, frequently has site-wide sales such as 40% off regular priced items.


These heels are similar to the one’s Jennifer is wearing and can be found at on sale for $29.96. If you would like to add some color to this outfit, these glamorous pumps also come in a sassy red color.


Jennifer keeps accessories to a minimum for her chic look. To complete the look you will need a longer-length silver necklace like this one from Forever 21 for only $4.80.

Altogether, recreating Jennifer’s modern look costs a little over $100. What’s great about the pieces used to recreate this look is that they can be very versatile in your wardrobe and worn during the day or for a night out!



Looks for Less: Emma Stone


I’ve been finding myself Googling Emma Stone’s name a little more frequently than usual lately–in all of my years, I’ve never seen a cuter casual fashion sense. Although most of her looks are composed of simple pieces, she layers and accessorizes to perfection. The thing that I love most about this outfit is that although it’s winter, Stone still rocks white in a very wintery, neutral way–we cant help but envy her rule-breaking. Love this outfit? Let’s figure out how we can score this graceful look, with half the budget.


The first item to complete this outfit would be this staple everyday white sweater. This one that I found at Forever21 is a close match to the one Stone’s wearing–it’s cable-knit, ¾ sleeved, and light-weight for a sweater–but only $22.80! It’s difficult to rock white after labor day and so close to Christmas, but Stone manages to knock this one out of the park, pairing the sweater with a palette of neutrals.


Destroyed jeans have come and gone, but it looks like Stone’s not willing to let them go. The most important thing about the destroyed denim she’s wearing, they only have one or two tastefully ripped areas. With the ankles cuffed, Stone’s bottom half looks super chic, despite the holes. Old Navy offers a few washes of their high-rise, destroyed super-skinnies to choose from, so any outfit can be completed by these casual-to-composed jeans. For only $35 (on sale!), these jeans are a steal!


Old Navy does it again. They’ve moved up in my eyes, from a place you go to buy plain items, to a regular hot-spot. These heeled ankle booties are the proof of just that! Any black suede ankle bootie would work for this outfit (even these cutout, lower heeled booties from Charlotte Russe for $40), it all depends on your personal style. These Old Navy booties will go with anything, and are so versatile you’ll find yourself wearing them everywhere from class to your internship. To me, these booties are a staple this season.


Any thick, neutral scarf will work in this outfit, but Stone’s grey fringe is hard to resist. It brings in an earthy feel, which is hard to accomplishing during the winter season. Not only will this scarf keep you comfy and warm through the winter, it’s lightness and slate-grey color can be donned during any other season as well. This one from ModCloth is actually an exact match to the one Stone is rocking, and it’s only $19.99!

Add a pair of sunnies and your favorite brown slouchy tote and you’ve completed an Emma Stone look! The destroyed denim, scarf, and sweater make the outfit appear super casual, but adding the heeled booties can pull the attire together, making it not only incredibly comfortable, but mega chic as well. Stone’s outfits are always to accessible–one of the reasons I idolize her as a more casual fashion icon for everyday clothing envy. Stay chic, fashionistas!

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Rakia Reynolds


Rakia Reynolds, owner and president of Skai Blue Media PR firm and boutique in Philadelphia, wrapped up our Fall semester speaker sessions, and to say she was inspiring is an understatement. Reynolds, a Temple alum, studied International Business and Marketing before working on several production teams including ones with MTV and Lucky Magazine. She then went on to work with a PR firm, but quickly returned to the comfort of TV production after realizing the harsh environment of PR. When her production company folded, Reynolds bravely took control of her own destiny. Since then, she has opened her own successful PR company, Skai Blue, along with launching Smooth Effects, a clothing line with built-in shape ware for women. She also represents Serena Williams’ clothing line for HSN and appears monthly on the television show. Rakia Reynolds is the epitome of a hard-working, determined, and passionate businesswomen. She learned from the failures and moved forward, progressing and growing every step of the way. A self-proclaimed “octopus”, she is always juggling several different tasks, but her passion and determination fuel her success. Roll with the punches, learn from disappointments, and never lose your inner drive. After all, who wouldn’t want the luxury of casually having lunch with Kelly Cutrone one day, right?